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MCSS, McGill Chinese Students' Society is the largest and most influential cultural student organization in Eastern Canada. With over 15 events per year and 40 years of history, we provide a variety of events to our over 1,500 active members and help our members succeed in school and life. Our short-term goal is to provide our students with valuable events to make their student life more meaningful, while our long-term goal is to motivate and encourage our students to give back to their community and excel academically by providing them with helpful services including seminars, lessons, and talks.

MCSS is a non-profit organization registered under the Students' Society of McGill University. All our proceeds either go to charity or are used to provide our students with more valuable services. Our events range from largescale shows to career planning and information seminars. In addition, we organize dinner outings, networking opportunities and parties for our members.






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  1. [MACC Presents]: The Award Goes To...

    Friday, April 1 at 6pm!

    Ladies and gentlemen. The nominees have been announced and the votes have been counted. Get ready to put on your favourite dress or tailored suit because we’re rolling out the red carpets.

    The McGill Asian Collaboration Committee (which includes JSA, MTSA, HKSN, MCSS, MANABA, and KSS) has come together to bring YOU an evening as glamorous as the Grammys, as extravagant as the Emmys, and as opulent as the Oscars.

    We cordially invite you to “[MACC Presents]: The Award Goes to…”, the BIGGEST semi-formal event ever to be held at McGill! The celebratory night will include:
    • 3-course meal dinner (vegetarian option available)
    • Special announcements by each Asian Association (!)
    • “Paparazzi” booth (to be featured on tabloid magazines)
    • Clubbing/dance to follow
    • FREE fabulous prizes to be won!


    -Soup of the Day

    -Duck leg confit with mashed white beans and roasted vegetables OR...
    -Roasted vegetables with polenta and arugula sauce and grilled potatoes (vegetarian)

    -Chocolate or Pear Dome

    And what would an award show be without the AWARDS?
    We're giving YOU the chance to choose the award titles this year!
    Guests will vote for their favourite nominees and winners will be announced at the event!
    VOTE now at: http://theawardgoesto.herokuapp.com/login#_=_

    Please check it out and vote for your favourite nominee: http://theawardgoesto.herokuapp.com/login#_=_


    [DATE & TIME]:
    Friday, April 1st (6:00 PM: *Door and bar opens*)

    $45 (includes semi-formal dinner and clubbing event) +$3.31 (online ticket fee)

    Buy limited amount of online tickets here: http://theawardgoesto.eventbrite.ca/

    Tickets are now also available at SSMU FRONT DESK for purchase from 9AM-6PM until Tuesday, March 29th (11:30AM)!

    For those who have purchased tickets, you can follow the link below to sign up for your seating arrangements: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BPbLMArF5LlpYx58kRkssxFsUQqT8cIWSZyBkS3MirM/viewform

    We would like to thank our gracious sponsors for making this event possible:
    La MARQ 515
    LUNA Apartment
    Parc Cité
    Sinorama Tours

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We're currently recruiting a Photographer and Sponsorship Director. Visit this page to learn more!

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